Walchoice Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats, Multi-Level Cat Furniture Condo


While slogging at work, have you neglected your beloved pet? Creating an indoor playground for your cat is essential. Walchoice cat tree is an ideal place for playing, exercising, climbing, and relaxing...

Color: Brown, Beige
Material: Sisal Rope, Column, Particle board, Plush cloth
Note: Condo cover can be detachable for cleaning
Packing list:
Purple Cat Tree X 1
Installation Accessories X 1
Overall Dimensions: 30.9” x 26.5” x 32”

Privacy Condo - Brings a cozy and comfortable place for cats to sleep and relax
Fluffy Toy - Spark kittens’ curiosity, You can interact with feline friends for extra fun
Sisal Post - Wrapped with sisal rope, Sturdy and durable enough for scratching/clawing
Top Perch - Curled up in a fuzzy perch for spending nap time, Feeling a sense of security

  • WONDERFUL PLAYROUND - Walchoice medium cat tree is 30.9” x 26.5” x 32”, And don't take up much room, Brown and beige appearance, This warm color in home creates a warm and comfortable feeling, 4 rest spots provide your feline friends to playing, climbing, relaxing and exploring....
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST - Made of high quality particle boards, firm base, sisal posts and soft plush, The whole tower with cashmere fabric prevents cats’ paw from hurting during play, Soft and cozy feeling make them prefer to play here, Fluffy guys have no chance to damage your favorite sofa
  • STABILITY - Reinforced base allows two or three cats playing on it at the same time, Resistant to toppling, Your beloved pets are less likely to suffer injuries than in other wobbly trees, Jumping on and down the tower freely, The pet activity center is an ideal playground for your cats
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPOTS - Cats need a quiet and warm cave for relaxing, Privacy condo offers greatest security, Playing with pompoms makes kittens more vigorous and nimble, Through daily exercise, Feline friends release their nature, build their muscle...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - All accessories and instruction manual are included, Each parts shows on the drawing, Easy and quick installation, No worry about installation hassles, A nice pet furniture for both your cat and your home decor! Great for your friends and family as a decent gift

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