Bcoh Cat Hammock Shelf Wall Mounted 3 Climbing Shelves Wall-Mounted Cat Bed & Furniture

Jumping, climbing, and scratching is the nature of cats. Our sturdy cat wall shelves are worth your money and your trust. It's a perfect wall hanging shelf solution that uses our cat climber steps with your cat trees, cat condos, cat hammocks, and cat perches to keep your cats' active. Normally a one step cat set is not adequate when in use, so we bring this 3 piece wooden cat bed set for jumping, which is more convenient for using. The design of these wooden cat shelves for walls is unique, stylish and practical, you can also use the wall mount bracket to store books or other home decor. The metal bracket used for support of this window cat perch is sturdy, safe and suitable for most cats. Made with eco-friendly materials and natural wood, this cat window perch is healthy for your baby cat and its simple structure makes it very easy to install, saving you time. Wall mounted Cat Hammock, Wall mounted cat bed, cat climbing shelves, cat furniture.
  • Cat Face Shape & Simple Design: The cat perch wall shelf has superb workmanship and a smooth surface. The cute, smiling cat face design enhances any room décor. This beautiful hanging wooden wall mounted cat shelves for wall is simple in its structure. The cat wall hammock won’t take up any floor space. This cat wall furniture is a space saver, especially for the limited room.
  • Easy to Set Up: The installation process is very simple. You just need to select the desired location to mount the cat hammock and cat wall shelves together, use screws to assemble the hammock and shelves together, and then place the mat on the shelves.
  • 2 Pcs Cat Shelf: Our package comes with two cat shelves and a mat, so you can place them anywhere you like. Cat wall perch shelves can be placed up and down to form a height difference so that the cat can jump up and down, or use the wall cat shelves to make a big shelf for the cat to lie on and rest happily.
  • Appropriate for Cats' Habits: Cats like to be in bright, dry places, and they like to climb and look far away. Our climbing cat shelf furniture can meet the needs of your cat. The cat perch shelves can be placed in a bright place and can be climbed.
  • Durable and Safe Material: Cat wall shelves are made of wood, which is strong and durable, so you don't have to worry about it being unable to bear the cat's weight and falling off the wall. Cat window hammock provides a secure foundation for your pet to lie on. Cat Hammock, cat bed, cat climbing shelves, cat furniture.

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