Ardorfun Small Cat Carrier with 4 Open Doors,5 Mesh Windows, Airline Approved, Soft Detachable Pad– Orange


We comprehend the happiness you get when your dog greets you at the door or the warmth of your cat curling up in your arm. We know the unconditional love that pets bring to our daily life, and the world is a better place with pets. We are pet lovers and we understand you will find everything they need for your pets. Thus, our passion is simply to serve pets and pet-passionate people. So whether you’re a new pet owner or an expert in your field, we got what you want. At ardorfun, we take the welfare of all pets and the feelings parents very seriously.

  • The ardorfun soft-sided pet carrier has 5 sturdy mesh openings for ventilation and viewing, protecting pets from feeling claustrophobic while in a traveling cat carrier bag. Besides, an adequate zipping system allows the dog carrier airline approval to be collapsed easily for storage.
  • Pet carrier has 4 entry/exit points located in 4 different directions: Top, front, and two sides. It's easier for your critter to access the cat carrier and more entrances design satisfies the cat's curiosity-driven character.
  • Sturdy dog carriers for small dogs with a fleece PP pad that does not give way to the weight of your pet, and only need to slide off the fleece covering from the stiff pad base for cleaning. Built-in safety belt to attach the animal collar to prevent the animal from escaping once the airline-approved dog carrier is opened.

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