Aqua Culture 20 Gallon Fish Tank Hood with LED Light


Instantly brighten up your tank with the Aqua Culture 20 Gallon Fish Tank Hood with LED Light. The light inside the hood radiate a natural daylight glow to promote movement for happier and healthier fish. The LED fish tank hood features cutouts for easy access to make feeding time and routine filter changes quick and easy, since they eliminate the need to remove the entire hood. The LED bulb is long lasting, so you can enjoy it longer without the need for frequent bulb changes. It also has a low-profile design, so it won't be top heavy on the tank for enhanced stability. The LED aquarium hood can create a contemporary look in your home or office, making it an ideal finishing touch for a freshwater or saltwater tank. The LED bulbs use 15-times less energy than standard light bulbs and create a natural underwater shimmer effect. Bring home the Aqua Culture 20 Gallon Fish Tank Hood with LED Light.

  • Long life LED eliminates the need for bulb replacement.
  • LED fish tank hood is ideal for most 24" x 12" aquariums.
  • Fits most 20 gallon aquariums.
  • Creates a natural daylight shimmer.
  • Integrated cutouts provide easy access without the need for removing the hood.
  • Low profile hood with handle for easy opening.
  • Radiates a natural daylight glow to illuminate the tank.
  • Lightweight design ensures the aquarium stays stable.
  • LED aquarium hood provides a healthier environment for tropical fish.

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