AnyPet Quick Release Buckle Nylon Large Pet Collar, Reflective Collar for Dogs & Cats

It’s important your dog or cat has the highest quality collar available, which is why this AnyPet L pet collar is ideal is built to last and versatile for indoor and outdoor use. With a width of 0.6”, a tensile strength of 66 lbs. and a collar size of 8.27” – 11.8”, this dog and cat collar is the epitome of durability meeting comfort. Designed for dogs and cats up to 11 lbs., the easy snap-and-release buckle offers an effortless experience you and your pet will love. Keep track of your dog or cat any time of day with the low light visibility strips and glow-in-the-dark strip in the middle of the collar. Additionally, nylon webbing joints are included and treated with reversible folds to enhance overall durability. If you have a small cat or dog, you will want to make this outstanding large nylon pet collar a staple of your day-to-day outdoor and indoor routine.
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL DOGS & CATS: Designed for dogs and cats up to 11 lbs., this outstanding large pet collar (0.6” width) is made for your pet’s daily use. Built for a tensile strength up to 66 lbs., both you and your furry friend will appreciate its comfort and convenience.
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: Whether you’re keeping track of your dog or cat in broad daylight or the middle of the night, our AnyPet large nylon collar (8.27” – 11.8”) has low light visibility strips with a glow-in-the-dark strip in the middle.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: The nylon webbing joints in this reflective collar are all treated with reversible folds for the utmost durability. This large dog collar is built to last over time. Truly reliable, truly remarkable.
  • CONVENIENT: The easy snap quick release buckle on this adjustable large pet collar means you can put on or take off your furry friend in seconds. Can’t beat the convenience and ease of use!
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED: Our AnyPet adjustable large nylon dog and cat collar offers the highest quality and finest craftsmanship. Your pet means the world to you and deserves the very best.
  • INTERACTIVE TOY– The toy will arouse interest in your dog as the toy moves about the floor; leading to longer, constructive play times.
  • LONG CHARGING TIME – Built in battery easily charged by using USB style plug in. Fully charged allows over 30 minutes of play time. It will go in sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • EASY TO USE – After the toy has been charged press the button and toy will vibrate and move in erratic patterns that cats love. Bell inside draws attention.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS– Toy is made with non-toxic TPR materials. Safe for cats. To clean wipe down with damp cloth.

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